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Here's how our affiliate partnership program works

Get a Referral Link

Once approved as an affiliate partner, you'll receive your own custom referral link to promote.

Any sign-ups via your referral link are tracked.

You will only receive credit for sign-ups that come directly from your referral link.

Earn Recurring 40%  Commissions

You earn a 40% commission for every person who signs up for a paid SpitFire CRM account through your affiliate link.

But it’s not just that one payment when they sign up. That 40% is going to hit your bank account every month for as long as their SpitFire account is active.

Commission Payouts

You can expect for there to be up to a 60 day delay in receiving a payment, to leave room for any customer refunds, as well as approving the payments.

Here's an example:

If you earned a commission on August 5th, that payment, along with all August commissions, would be approved and paid on Oct 1. If you earned a commission on Aug 30, it would also get approved and paid on Oct 1 (creating a 30 day delay).

Also, if a referral purchases the annual plan you'll receive a lump-sum commission. If they select the month-to-month payment plan, you'll receive monthly commission payments.

Ideas for promoting SpitFire

Promote SpitFire on social media

Write about us on your blog

Create educational spitfire video tutorials

Send your affiliate link to your students


Use your affiliate link for your own purchase

Don't offer or promise discounts or coupon codes

Don't falsely advertise SpitFire in any manner

That's it!

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